Innovation is central to reframing successful sustainability roadmaps for businesses. Interested in learning more about Digital Product Passports (DPPs)?

Over the past decade I have been researching the connection between trust, open data and consumer behaviors towards sustainability. A key variable that keeps coming up is the influence of open data platforms on consumer decisions.

Central to a body of work launched by the European Commission in March 2022 which addresses product-level and supply chain data transparency (the Sustainable Products Initiative), DPPs will enable consumers to access product- and supply chain- level information and facilitate purchase decisions that support the circular economy.

They have the potential to be the largest testing ground for consumer preferences towards sustainability. Yet, according to a survey of digitally savvy consumers I conducted during the month of October 2022, over 90% have never heard about DDPs.

I will be spending six weeks dissecting the role of open data and new product innovation on consumer awareness about sustainability by introducing DPPs through the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program for Technology and Innovation.

I invite you to participate in this journey, share your expertise and help grow consumer engagement on the sustainability profile of products by following my work through this link.

About the Author

ALESSIA FALSARONE, SASB FSA, is a sustainable finance expert and a fellow of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program. Her work bridges the gap between sustainability, financial innovation and risk management. A sought-after commentator for media outlets and contributor to academic programs, Ms. Falsarone is a member of high-level advisory groups that promote environmental and climate finance, including the G20 Environmental Ministerial, the London Stock Exchange, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (Value Reporting Foundation) and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. In recognition of her innovative vision for business and society, she has received an Honoree Award from the Women’s Venture Fund and the 2021 Global Leadership Award by the SheInspires Foundation in the UK.

She is an alumna of Stanford University, the MIT Sloan School of Business and Bocconi University. Ms. Falsarone holds certified director status with the National Association of Corporate Directors. An avid advocate of sustainability in business education, she has contributed to educational initiatives on the topic at the Asian University for Women, the Society of Corporate Compliance, the Swiss Sustainable Finance Initiative, the United Nations, the World Bank, Stanford University and University of Chicago, including delivering training on climate risk and green finance in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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